CC Pawn shop

What do you want to pawn?

Send us the information through the following form and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Do you have something you want to sell to the store?

However, please understand that we can only purchase items when both the seller and the item are in our store. If this isn’t something you can bring us, we won’t be able to buy from you! We are unable to preview any item by mail, email, phone, etc. The only way for us to see your item is to bring it to the store, there are no exceptions!



Be prepared to remove any Apple ID or other passwords at the counter. All electronic devices must be completely disconnected from any account and must not be password protected.


We purchase all third-party graded and encapsulated coins, as well as any silver, gold, platinum or palladium coins and bars. If the coins are ungraded, we will purchase them for their precious metal value only.


We require a certificate or letter of authenticity on all signed items!


We don't buy furniture, even if it's antique, since we don't have floor space.


No compramos LP's ni CD's. We do not buy LP's or CD's.


We are only in the market to purchase 60+ graded cards.


We don't buy Beanie Babies, not even rare or limited edition ones.


we don't buy them.


Due to federal regulations, we can only purchase guns made in 1898 or earlier.


We generally only buy original or limited edition works, for example pieces numbered xx/1000. If this is an item you can bring into the store, before visiting us it is best to send an email with the pictures and any information you have about the piece. They will let you know if we are interested.


We are in the market for ranked comics and ranked trading cards (e.g. Yugioh, Pokemon, Magic). We are currently not purchasing ungraded cards/comics, please visit CGC ( for more information on how to grade your items. All items must be brought to the store for purchase, but if you would like to check if we would be interested you can email photos to XXXXXXXXXXX, please note this email is only for sending graded cards and comics that you can in person. bring to TENERIFE to sell!

Are you looking for a loan?


We are always happy to pawn your items that’s how it works…

After you bring in your item, we set an amount that we will lend you today for your item. The Loan contract will be drawn up for 90 days and will be paid in cash.

We charge 13% every 30 days the loan is outstanding. Any period from 1 to 30 days will still be charged the same amount. (Active duty military members only pay 3%)

A one-time fee of 5 euros will also be charged with each new loan, and a fee of 4 euros per lost ticket will be charged if you need a new pawn ticket.

If you do not return to claim your item before the 90-day loan period expires, you can still pick up your item if we still have it in inventory. You will simply pay the additional interest and a late fee of 10 euros.

Only cash, money order, or cashier’s check is accepted as payment for a loan.

If you are out of town, we can arrange payment by mail, just send us a copy of your ticket, ID, and a cashier’s check or money order. A new ticket will be mailed to you.

We can also mail your item after a mail-in payment, just call us first so we can give you the shipping total to add to your final payment.

Pick up your items 24/7 at our overnight window, just call us during normal business hours 9-5 so we can get your item out of the safe and be available after hours.


We are always buying gold, silver, platinum, jewelry, luxury watches (Rolex, Breitling, Patek Phillipe, etc.) and latest generation Apple products

We pay top cash price on the spot!